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RestaurantWeek CoachInsignia DS

It’s Spring Detroit Restaurant Week, which means this is your opportunity to sample some of the best cuisine in The D. Nineteen restaurants are participating in the event, April 11-20, 2014, offering an eclectic mix of tasty spring-inspired eats, including appetizers, entrees and desserts for just $30.

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LEGOKidsFest LEGOKidsFest

Don’t miss the LEGO® KidsFest when it rolls into town later this month. Not only will your little ones get to build with LEGO® bricks to their hearts’ content, you won’t have to worry about cleaning them up — or dealing with the pain of stepping on any you’ve missed.

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EarthDay GreaterDetroitResourceRecoveryAuthority

More than 40 years ago on April 22 was the birth of the modern environmental movement. Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, but you can do your part every day. Attending special events, learning more about recycling or dining in earth-friendly restaurants can be fun and easy ways to show your support for a greener world this April. Here are some great ways to enjoy this green celebration, Detroit-style:

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EasterBunny DS

Last night on a walk around the block with my kids, we spotted the Easter bunny! He didn’t stop to introduce himself, but he was brown, fluffy and a fast hopper, so we’re reasonably certain that was him, which reminded me that Easter is just around the corner — time to make some plans!

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Detroit 10 Things to Do at the Zoo

The Detroit Zoo is nestled in downtown Royal Oak on 125 acres of land, housing more than 2,600 animals of 265 species. Aside from its impressive size, the Zoo is loved for its wild exhibits and animals that always give a warm metro Detroit welcome. Here are 10 Zoo must-do’s:

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