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2015 is here and Detroit is buzzing with excitement. It seems every week there’s news or speculation about the latest and greatest dining spots popping up around Detroit.

Dining out on the town may not be the best start to your New Year’s resolution to get healthy or lose weight, but these five new additions to Detroit’s restaurant scene are worth the splurge.

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 DDiscountPass MichiganScienceCenter

People who know me well might describe me as “thrifty” — an adjective I’d proudly own up to. I’m always looking for ways to stretch a dollar. So I’m a good choice to tell you about The D Discount Pass.

The D Discount Pass lets you save money on Detroit’s top attractions. Complete a simple entry form and will send a free barcode right to your mobile device. Show the barcode and save 20 percent or more at participating attractions all year long!

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You don’t usually have to drive far to find big-name coffeehouses. But we’ve come up with a few independent shops that make going the extra mile worth it. Not only will you get your caffeine fix, but they’re also the perfect spots to warm up this winter.

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Whitney KraemerDesignGroup

Over the past few years, Detroiters have witnessed a transformation of spaces across the Motor City. Stores, schools and even entire skyscrapers that once stood empty have been converted from vacant spaces into symbols of Detroit’s revitalization.

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Detroit10 PlacestoIceSkate

When cold weather blankets the city, Detroiters have two options: They can stay inside and hibernate, or they can make the most of it. We recommend the latter.

If you’ve got what it takes to bundle up and head out in a Michigan winter, ice skating is the perfect afternoon with kids or the romantic activity you’re looking for. A few trips around the rink are bound to keep your blood pumping — a steaming cup of hot cocoa will do the rest.

And don’t worry, we’ve even got a few indoor rinks to choose from if you’re not up for winter weather.

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