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Eastern Market IMG 8117 Dawn Giblin

Vibrant flowers, vine-ripened tomatoes, hand-picked berries. These are things we associate with summer and Michigan’s farmers markets.

They’re not the types of things your mind associates with winter — though the chilly weather shouldn’t stop you from snagging fresh produce, homemade goods and one-of-a-kind items from the market. Detroit Eastern Market keeps its doors open on Saturdays year-round, and the jams, cheeses and grass-fed meats know no season.

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ThingsYouDidntKnow DS

Detroit’s been in the news a lot lately; it seems like everyone’s talking about the Motor City’s offerings and opportunities. It’s almost impossible to think there are things the general public doesn’t know about Detroit, but there are still dozens of fascinating secrets most people have yet to discover about this evolving, resilient metropolis. Here are 11 things you probably didn’t know about Detroit … until now.

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BlackHistoryMonth thehenryford.orgTired of spending your time on indoors during these chilly days of winter? It’s time to get out and celebrate Black History Month in and around Detroit. This list of events, performances, exhibits and more will make the month of February your favorite time of the year!

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Detroit10 CoolBuildings

Albert Khan. Wirt Rowland. John Portman.

These are just three of the legendary architects whose vision helped Detroit become the “Paris of the Midwest.”

It’s impossible to account for all of Detroit’s stunning architecture in one blog post. So here are simply ten examples (in no particular order) of some of Detroit’s most impressive buildings and ways you can see them.

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 DetroitApparel DS

First-time visitors often express a new-found respect and admiration for our city after spending some time here. They arrive with preconceived notions and leave impressed by the energy, creativity and authenticity that is The D.

Want to show your Detroit love through what you’re wearing? Here are some of the best places to pick up your own I <3 Detroit gear.

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