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Nemos Bowen 5532

Great dive bars in Detroit? I could fill a book. But since I probably only have your attention for the next 90 seconds or so, let me just share a few suggestions on some of the many, many best places in Detroit to commune with the locals and get a true sense of place.

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Detroit10 Salads

It’s easy — and fun — to come up with a list of drool-worthy burgers and stick-to-your-bones comfort food joints in Detroit (like this or this, for starters). But a list of greener options in the city is just as appetizing. We won’t even comment on eating healthier because these options are so satisfying, there’s no room for guilt, anyway.

Here are our picks for some of Detroit’s best salads:

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 HotelMustHaves Townsend DS

Whether you’re traveling for business or planning a weekend getaway with the fam, there are certain amenities you should look for in a hotel. Here’s our list of must-haves — along with the spots around town that offer them.

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Cafe dMongos fromAngelaHernandez

Many Michigan-born celebrities never stop calling Detroit their home, even after they’ve made it to the bright lights of Hollywood. What’s more, many celebrities who come here to film or just to visit fall in love with The D.

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Fowling RaySchmidt

What began by accident at a tailgate in 2001 has recently become a favorite pastime around these parts. We’re talking about the sport of fowling (pronounced FOH-ling). It combines elements of football, bowling and horseshoes — and no, you don’t have to be an athlete to play.

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