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FarmersMarkets1 BillBowen

Looking for local produce? Scores of farmers markets around the area are waiting for shoppers like you. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of buying locally grown food, but your purchase will also support local families since the farmers get full retail price on what you buy. Here are five you should check out this weekend:

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Take5 JeremyAbbott

He’s a four-time U.S. national champion and Olympic bronze medalist; a talented figure skater with a big heart for Detroit. Shortly after winning the bronze for Team USA at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and while on tour for Stars on Ice, we met up with Jeremy Abbott to get his take on his big win, training and hanging out in Detroit.

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UrbanGardens DS
Green space is a valuable commodity in any bustling city. To preserve it, New York City cordoned off its Central Park, Chicago has its Millennium Park, and countless others have carved out similar serene pieces of nature in an otherwise concrete world.

Detroit, with plenty of available land, has no shortage of green space, and the city is getting creative with ways to put it to good use. Besides typical parks and nature preserves, a growing amount of green space is being dedicated to, well, growing. Little pockets of land throughout the city are being converted into urban gardens designed to allow the community to reap what it sows. And with more and more demand for locally grown produce, there's more enthusiasm and need for it than ever before.

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Let’s hear it for our award-winning industry partners! The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) is pleased to announce that several of our members have recently earned awards and recognitions worth mentioning. We are honored to call you our partners — you make the DMCVB and The D proud! Congratulations to the following properties for their recognitions:

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Detroit10 Sandwiches

Aside from cars, there’s one thing that really gets people in the Motor City revved up — a great sandwich.

A quick web search for “Detroit sandwiches” will pull up dozens of awards, voters’ pick lists and recognitions sought after by sandwich artists from all around The D. But the sandwich lovers here at Visit Detroit didn’t want to miss out on the action.

While this list isn’t scientific, here are some of our thoughts of 10 scrumptious Detroit sandwiches you should bite into (in not-so-particular order). We couldn’t include all of our favorites, so be sure to chime in with your additions in the comments.

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