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Whitney KraemerDesignGroup

Over the past few years, Detroiters have witnessed a transformation of spaces across the Motor City. Stores, schools and even entire skyscrapers that once stood empty have been converted from vacant spaces into symbols of Detroit’s revitalization.

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Detroit10 PlacestoIceSkate

When cold weather blankets the city, Detroiters have two options: They can stay inside and hibernate, or they can make the most of it. We recommend the latter.

If you’ve got what it takes to bundle up and head out in a Michigan winter, ice skating is the perfect afternoon with kids or the romantic activity you’re looking for. A few trips around the rink are bound to keep your blood pumping — a steaming cup of hot cocoa will do the rest.

And don’t worry, we’ve even got a few indoor rinks to choose from if you’re not up for winter weather.

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I love taking in a live performance in Detroit. We’re lucky to have so many exquisite venues and first-class shows to choose from.

For my friends and I, part of the whole experience is sharing a great meal — a chance to discuss the show and catch up over a relaxing lunch or dinner.

While there are a plethora of outstanding dining options downtown, we generally choose one within walking distance of whatever theater we’re at so we don’t have to park twice. Here are some favorites:

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New Years

2014 was quite the year for the Motor City. With bankruptcy behind us and confidence in the city’s future, Detroiters have a lot to celebrate as we ring in 2015 in the heart of America’s great comeback city.

As the year comes to a close, many people are finalizing New Year’s Eve plans, and there’s no shortage of events to choose from.

Here’s a look at four of our favorite New Year’s Eve events happening in Detroit:

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Take5 AmyPeterson

Rebel Nell, a jewelry-making company in Detroit, has a mission to employ disadvantaged women in Detroit, educate them on business and life skills and empower them to transition to an independent life. Who knew a piece of jewelry could hold so much power? Amy Peterson, co-founder of Rebel Nell, sat down with us to share a few words about how her organization is making a difference in Detroit.

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