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Ah, Memorial Day weekend. That long-awaited holiday and official kickoff to the summer season. It’s almost here, so make plans now to pack as much fun as you can into that extra day off!

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DIAInsideOut DS

In Detroit it’s not unusual to see the work of Vincent Van Gogh as you enjoy a jog through the park, or stumble upon a beautiful landscape depicted by Claude Monet on your way to class at Wayne State University.

2015 marks the sixth year of the Detroit Institute of Arts effort to bring art to metro Detroit. Since its beginning, more than 800 reproductions of famous works of art have been installed in outdoor locations across The D, impacting more than 100 local communities.

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USA Volleyball

USA Volleyball is coming to Detroit. More than 5,000 athletes and coaches will descend upon the city May 18-27 for the organization’s annual meeting, the NORCEACA Men’s Champions Cup and the USA Volleyball Open National Championship.

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AANM exterior by Bruce Harkness AANM

2015 has already proven to be an exciting year for The D. We began work on the new $450 million entertainment District, continued construction on the much-anticipated M-1 RAIL streetcar and welcomed several new eateries in just a few short months.  

In addition to these new developments, Detroit’s significant past is part of what makes our city so unique. In fact, many of the city’s prominent institutions have a history that dates back to before Thomas Edison patented his first light bulb. We’ve come a long way since then, and 2015 is a great time to reflect on just how historic some of our favorite Detroit places are.

Here’s a look at some of the Detroit institutions celebrating milestone anniversaries:

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Wondering what to do with your day off this upcoming Memorial Day weekend? You’re in luck, Detroiters; there are plenty of fun things to do and lively places to hang out at in the Motor City. Kick off your summer in The D with a bike ride, trip to the waterpark, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, create your own adventure with this sampling of Memorial Day must-do’s:

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