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Dearborn is best known as the birthplace of Henry Ford, but there’s a lot more than cars going on in the state’s eighth largest city. It’s a hub of culture with great restaurants, shopping, educational opportunities and historic activities.

Want to motor on over to check it out? Here’s your Dearborn hot list.

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 Willys Willys

Willys Detroit may be a sister store to Shinola, the popular upscale watch and bicycle maker, but it definitely doesn’t live in its sibling’s shadow.

When it opened in June, the clothing and accessories boutique garnered much attention, both for the brands it carries and its location.

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 Drinks AtwaterinthePark

“Let’s meet for drinks” can be an invitation to start (or end!) a relationship — or just a fun way to ramp up or cap off a night on the town. Several intriguing new hangouts have cropped up in Detroit recently. Here are a few to put on your “to-try” list, along with some seasoned favorites:

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Youmacon2 Youmacon

Youmacon is a popular Japanese culture event based in Detroit. Similar to the world-famous Comic-Con — but different in that Youmacon celebrates common themes like anime, video games and Japanese-inspired artwork — both events have influenced their own rising internet culture.

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FallExhibits Exterior of Gridiron Glory Exhibit Kristina Sikora KMS Photography

With the falling leaves, pumpkin harvests and costume parades peppering October, you might not be thinking of heading indoors. But when blustery weather threatens your weekend, fear not! Detroit’s science and art meccas have an exciting season ahead — and it’s rainproof, wind-proof and chill-proof.

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