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Detroit 10 AffordableArtAnyone who has gone to a fine art fair has spent time drooling over beautiful abstract paintings and photographs of far-away places, imagining just how sophisticated their home would look with that caliber of art on the walls. A quick check of the price tag also provides a check of reality.  

But in metro Detroit, you don’t have to set aside your love of art. Yes, you really can deck your halls without wrecking your wallet. Here's where you can do it:

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Rail3 M1Rail PNG

After more than seven years in the making, excitement in Detroit has taken off as plans for the city’s M-1 RAIL have begun to come to life. Construction activities officially got underway in late July on the $140 million streetcar line that’s expected to be operational by late 2016.

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Crafts DIA
Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest, there’s no shortage of cool crafting ideas for children these days. Purchasing and storing supplies for all of them can be quite a chore, though. However, there are several spots around town where you can take your budding Picassos to get their craft on without having to worry about setting up or, in some cases, cleaning up. Here are a few of our favs:

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Motown3 JoanMarcus

Get ready, ’cause here they come. The Broadway hit Motown The Musical will play at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre Oct. 21 through Nov. 16. The play tells the true American dream story of Motown founder Berry Gordy’s journey from featherweight boxer to the heavyweight music mogul.

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fishing BillBowen

In my family, fishing is a solitary sport enjoyed together. I’ve watched my husband and kids take in the calm and peacefulness of the lake, lost in their own thoughts, only to erupt in noise and excitement the next minute when someone yells “Fish on!”

How fortuitous that we live close to metro Detroit’s Lake St. Clair, a fisherman’s paradise. The tournament-worthy lake ranks as one of the best fisheries in North America for small mouth bass, muskie and walleye and rates nationally for 19 other species. It was voted 2013’s Best Bass Fishing Lake by Bassmaster magazine. One national pro even dubbed it “Best Bass Fishing on the Planet,” so, yes, it’s worth the trip!

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