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10 Detroit Sports Items to Take Home

Posted on Wednesday, October 28 2015 in Sports

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Detroit is one heck of a sports town. We have long traditions (did you know the Detroit Tigers as a club are older than the New York Yankees?) and loyal fans who stick with our teams through thick and thin, making for fun experiences you’re going to want to be a part of when you visit.

Whether it’s the Tigers, Lions, Wings or Pistons you're cheering on, there’s some must-have sports gear, “battle gear,” if you will, that Detroiters should collect or adorn themselves with. Here are our 10 collector's item suggestions:

  1. Wingnut Hat
    The Detroit Red Wings are the royalty of the NHL. And royalty needs a crown, right? That crown is the Wingnut hat, and any fan can wear it.

  2. Tiger Claw
    Fortunately for the kids, these are made of foam, not actual Tiger claw parts. But they sure make fans feel invincible!

  3. Tiger Cap
    There is no icon more Detroit than the Old English D, and that D is emblazoned on the cap of our beloved Tigers. Want a second bit of trivia? Look at The D on the cap and The D on the home baseball jersey. They’re ever so slightly different.

  4. Tiny Hockey Stick
    Let’s be honest the big hockey sticks take up a ton of room, and sometimes, you just want a miniaturized version of the hockey stick for behind your bar or your game room.

  5. Signed Football
      Wingnut hat
    Who’s your favorite Lion? Footballs are a centerpiece to any shelf, whether it’s for the Lions, one of Detroit's numerous colleges or even from your glory days in high school when you made four touchdowns in one game.

  6. Bobble Head
    You’ll find these everywhere — desks, glued to car dashboards. We replace the hula dancer bobble head with Miguel Cabrera in The D. 

  7. Baseball Cards
    When a team starts in 1894, even before the league it plays in was founded, there’s going to be a storied history. People collect that history through baseball cards. As one of the eight original American League clubs, with numerous World Series and other pennants, it may be fun to ask, “Who’s your historical Tiger?”

  8. Historic Prints
    The Detroit Shoppe at Somerset Collection carries all things Detroit. One of the most beautiful things to become popular are historic prints of Detroit sports venues. They’ve got a selection of those images from yesteryear, and while you’re there, maybe you’ll find that book, letterpress or piece of Detroit swag that once you see it, you’ll know you have to have it.

  9. Pistons Jersey
    Whether it’s getting one from the current roster or harkening back to the Bad Boy days of Thomas, Lambeer and Rodman, the Pistons show Detroit pride. Fun fact: our former mayor was even a Detroit Piston.

  10. Sports Book
    There are so many that it’s hard to choose. But one you may want to try for the history of sports in the city is “Detroit: City of Champions,” about the magic season of 1935-36, when the Detroit Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all won their first championships in the same season! You can find many of these items at stores like Hockeytown in Troy, the Tigers Team Store at Comerica Park, shops in Twelve Oaks Mall or various other sports memorabilia locations.


What’s your must-have Detroit sports item?


By: JA Staes

Photo Credit: sports-galley.com, halloffamememorabilia.com