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6 Tips for Eastern Market’s Flower Day

Posted on Monday, May 09 2016 in Shopping

Eastern Market Flower Day

Between 7 a.m. (or earlier!) and 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 15, Eastern Market’s sheds and open areas will be covered with every possible annual, perennial, herb, shrub and tree at prices much lower than what nurseries charge.

This annual Eastern Market Flower Day occurs every year on the Sunday after Mother’s Day when members of the Metropolitan Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) arrive from a variety of cities in Michigan, Ontario and neighboring states to share “15 acres of the heartiest varieties for this region”.

Before you pack up the wagon and head down to The D, check out these six tips on how to enhance your experience at Eastern Market’s Flower Day:

  1. Arrive Early

    Although the event officially begins at 7 a.m., some growers will let you start buying beforehand (some as early as 4 a.m.), which will better guarantee you a parking spot. There is, however, plenty of free parking throughout the market all day, but you may have to walk a bit (which just may be worth it since growers find themselves in the mood to deal as 5 p.m. approaches!).

  2. Bring a Wagon

    Six-foot dahlias, fragrant jasmine, pastel Gerbera daisies, dozens of rose varieties, sweet lilac bushes, smoke trees and succulents are only some of many choices Flower Day visitors have to take home with them. Wagons are definitely helpful while loading up and transporting flats and pots to vehicles.

  3. Plan Ahead

    How much planting room do you have at home? Do these areas take sun or shade? These are just two questions you should think about before attending the event.

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  4. Think up Some Questions

    The flower growers raised their plants from seeds, so they are very knowledgeable. Have questions? Ask!

  5. Save Time for Food and Shopping

    Although flowers will be May 15’s main attraction, many Eastern Market District merchants will be open, including these 13 places to shop in and around Eastern Market. Also, flats and pots can be dropped off at convenient parcel pickups, so you can eat or shop without having to load up your vehicle first. When you’re ready to leave, just drive up and take advantage of the free loading service available.

  6. Leave Your Pet at Home

    To keep foods safe, the Michigan Department of Agriculture will not allow pets under the sheds, in vendor stalls or around food trucks unless you have a clearly marked service dog.

Eastern Market is located at 2934 Russell Street in Detroit.

What Eastern Market Flower Day tips do you have?

About the writer: Freelance writer Danielle Alexander loves selecting flowers and plants at Eastern Market’s Flower Day but makes her husband do all of the work once they get back home.

Photo credit: Jeremy Deputat