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Get Your Margarita Here on National Margarita Day

Posted on Tuesday, February 21 2017 in Dining

Who's ready to raise a glass to sunnier days ahead? A perfect margarita should do the trick. In Detroit, you're never far from a chance to sip this classic cocktail. As National Margarita Day approaches in Detroit, we found the best places try a margarita in Detroit this Feb. 22:

When in Detroit, where else might you start the search for your new favorite Margarita but Mexicantown?

There are plenty of places to sip a tasty one in Southwest Detroit, too. Los Galanes and Mi Pueblo are go-to options. And Armando's reputation is solid, as is its Peach Margarita. Feeling thrifty? Stop by Armando's Sunday for $3 margaritas.

The combination of Italian and Mexican flavors executed exquisitely makes Southwest Detroit's El Barzon one-of-a-kind. Add a margarita to the mix and you'll never be disappointed. More than 10 varieties grace the menu – choose your own margarita adventure.

 Photo courtesy of El Barzon.

Make your way just north of the city and grab a seat at Imperial. Among the most favored for margarita's in town – bartenders at Ferndale's famed taco and hot dog hot spot sure make a mean tequila cocktail. They keep it simple with Sauza Tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and salt.

Like it real mean? Order up the Ring of Fire made with Habanero-Orange infused tequila for serious heat at Imperial.

Detroit newcomer Calexico keeps crowds packed in its downtown Detroit location – and the margaritas may be part of the reason for the rush. But in honor of warmer days to come, we can't forget The Skip, a crafty Tiki Bar tucked carefully inside The Belt alley in Detroit. If you're going frozen, there may be none better than the seasonal, strong and slushie Cucumber Margarita from The Skip.

Wherever you end up, whether you prefer it on the rocks or frozen, the secret to the perfect margarita comes with fresh-squeezed juices and quality spirits. Entrust a favorite Detroit bartender or try it at home – no sunshine required.

Writer Stephanie Angelyn Casola fell in love with an avocado margarita in Austin, Texas once. She still orders them with half-a-rim of salt and she owns the PR and events firm Prologue. Hit her up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Photo credit: Imperial