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Plan a Stress-Free Family Reunion

Posted on Tuesday, June 25 2013 in Outdoors

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It seems whenever I leave a family gathering, my relatives and I always hug and comment on how we should get together more — and then we never do. Work gets busy. The kids have activities. And before we know it a few months (or, in some cases, years!) have slipped by.

A family reunion is the simple solution. It’s the perfect way to get something on everyone’s calendar — and actually stick to it.

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  Belle Isle is a popular location for reunions.
If you’ve been put in charge of gathering the troops, fear not: Planning an event for a few dozen of your relatives doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. In fact, resources available through the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) can make it downright easy to plan a family reunion in The Dor one of the surrounding communities. Here are a few tips on how to do it:


Get Started

The first step is to register your reunion with the DMCVB. This way, vendor information will be sent directly to you without the hassle of doing the research. Registered groups also receive free items for all out-of-town guests compliments of the DMCVB.

You also should sign up for the DMCVB’s free reunion planning seminar. It lets you chat with experts who can offer advice on how to have a memorable gathering without all the pre-planning headaches.


Select a Location

Here in The D, the time of year you want to hold your gathering will be key to selecting a location. In the summer months, Belle Isle Park or any one of the 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks would be a great choice if your family enjoys outdoor activities. If there are quite a few young ones in the group, consider the Detroit Zoo. In chillier weather, opt for someplace like the Best Western Plus Sterling Inn, which has banquet space, accommodations and an indoor water park all under the same roof.


Book Accommodations

Since some of your relatives may have to fly or drive a long distance to join you, be sure to reserve someplace from them to stay. But be careful not to force togetherness. Members of your family may have different needs or budgets, and you don’t all have to stay at the same place, especially when you’ll be hanging out together during the day.

Plan Activities So once everyone gets here, what are some things to do in Detroit? We have awesome art galleries and museums, Vegas-style gaming, shopping meccas and more. The DMCVB can take the guesswork out of your planning with several easy-to-follow themed itineraries. Just remember that no matter what activities you plan, you’ll be getting a chance to spend quality time with your fam — and that’s the point.


What’s your favorite reunion locale in The D?


Lori Bremerkamp is a metro Detroit-based wordsmith, MSU alum and beer snob. When she’s not covering things in and around The D, you can find her trying to wrangle her two kids or her addiction to caffeine — usually at the same time.