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Show Off Your Detroit Dogs

Posted on Friday, August 26 2016 in Culture

Show Off Your Detroit Dogs

We already gave you some ideas to celebrate National Dog Day, but that's just not enough for this important holiday – now we want to see your Detroit Dogs. Show off your pup's pride for America's great comeback city by submitting your photos using #DepictTheD.

To give you some inspiration, take a look at these spirited Detroit Dogs (in no particular order, of course).

Detroit Dog 3
 Molly insists, say nice things about Detroit. 


Detroit Dog 2
 Libby is as enthusiastic as a Detroit Tigers fan on Opening Day.


Detroit Dogs 4
These two shih tzu's are the ultimate Red Wings fans. Meet Osgood and Manny Legace.


Detroit Dog 1
Please don't interrupt Brutus while he's watching the ball game. 


Detroit dog 5
 This canine is Miguel Cabrera's biggest fan. 

Think your pup has what it takes to be a Detroit Dog? Show off your Detroit Dog using #DepictTheD.