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Sports Success Helping to Restore Detroit’s Winning Attitude

Posted on Wednesday, June 12 2013 in Sports


The city of Detroit is on the rise, and it’s evident in so many ways. You can feel it in the air — it’s a climate full of optimism, work ethic and a desire to build a culture of good.

I moved to Detroit in November 2012 without any sort of connective feelings towards the city whatsoever. It was a basic mindset of, “I work there, so I live there. That’s it.” As someone who was born and raised in Ohio, I had actually been wired to pretty much oppose all things Michigan-related, especially in the sports universe.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that Detroit sports impact the morale of this community just as much as any legislative action or major investment activity. Sports success gives Detroiters something to be proud of; something to rally behind together as a solidified community. Personally, it took me some time to adjust, but as I’ve continued to call Detroit “home,” the teams have become a part of me. The winning culture really rubs off on people in the city and can motivate people to step up their game as well.

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The key to Detroit making a comeback as a vibrant economic beacon and a prized location for families and young professionals, alike, is a shift in culture and attitude. We must focus on celebrating the city’s positives instead of pointing blame and making excuses for its negatives. The professional sports teams here — the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons — help us to do just that.

By embracing the city of Detroit and everything that it offers, I realized that its comeback tale and its victories along the way are things that I can personally attach myself to. While I will always consider myself an “Ohio guy,” Detroit will always have honorable mention in my heart. It’s no longer a mindset of, “I work there, so I live there.” Now, when people mention Detroit, I smile and proudly say, “Yeah, I live there — it’s a cool place.”


How do you feel like you’re a part of Detroit’s comeback?

What are some things in Detroit that you take pride in?


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Guest Post: Brad Pettiford is a native Ohioan talking about the impact of Detroit sports on the community. Brad manages the web site B4BConnect.com, an online community geared toward small business in southeast Michigan.