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Summer Drinks to Cool You Down

Posted on Monday, June 23 2014 in Dining

MercuryBurgerBarCreamsicle BillBowen

The weather is heating up and we all need a way to cool down. How about something Detroit-inspired? Cool off and relax this summer with these drinks all over The D.

If you’re in need of a kid-friendly drink, the 7-Eleven Vernors Slurpee has hit stores. Another Vernors classic is the Boston Cooler. This ice-cream-and-soda combination has no ties to Boston, but it sure is delicious! Some say one of the best places for one is in Corktown at Mercury Burger Bar or the historic Sanders Candy shop.

Faygo BillBowen
Faygo is a novelty, not just in

It’s a delicious Michigan-native soda, easy to come by in stores but a little harder to find served up at your local restaurants. The Detroit Pub in Greektown likes to mix its Faygo with vodka to unleash its infamous Faygo Bomb.  

If you haven’t yet been, Valentine Distillery in Ferndale is a great place to find interesting cocktails made with its homemade vodka, gin and whiskey. Spend some time in the cocktail lounge and enjoy the handcrafted cocktails made with local ingredients. The menu is ever changing, so check it out once or twice.

Two James’ makes a mean Corktown Mule that is sure to put your mind at ease. Its house-made vodka, gin and whiskey selection is sure to make you extend your stay in the industrial-type tasting room.

The soon-to-be Eastern Market distillery, Detroit City Distillery, is inching closer to opening! We can’t wait to share the cocktails and concoctions. The market setting makes this a nice way to wind down after a Saturday of Eastern Market shopping.

Been to Firebird Tavern in Greektown yet? This two-story gem offers everything for everyone! Grab a bite to eat and pair it with a Detroit Mule or Detroit Martini to celebrate a day in the city.

The Detroit Dwarf is not exactly what you think. The Detroit Brewing Company has been brewing this lager for a few years. Its fruity ale notes make it a great option for a warm summer day.

GrandTrunk CybelleCodish
Enjoy a brew from the local guys at Grand Trunk Pub.

Once a jewelry store in the early 1900s, and then a train station ticket office in the mid-1900s, Grand Trunk Pub has managed to maintain a lot of its original glory. Grand Trunk always makes sure to provide its guests with as many local craft brews as it can.

Located in the historic Rivertown district, Atwater Brewery has been brewing since 1997. Its selection of homemade beers, like its Grand Circus IPA or Detroit Pale Ale, can quench your thirst during a long walk down the RiverWalk.

Motor City Brewing Works not only has an amazing variety of beers, but its rooftop patio also makes for the perfect setting to cool down. Grab a pitcher with friends and just chill.


Where can you find your summertime drink of choice?


By: Betsy J. Murdoch

Photo Credit: Bill Bowen (Mercury Burger Bar Creamsicle, Faygo), Cybelle Codish (Grand Trunk Pub)