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Three Ideas for Spicing up Dinner in Detroit Tonight

Posted on Wednesday, April 23 2014 in Dining

SpicyFood Laferia AngelaHernandez

Are you tired of the same old bland dishes? Looking for something with a little flavor and fun? People of Detroit, spice up your life. Consider these three places to get things hot, hot, hot for dinner tonight.

SpicyFood SalaThai SalaThai
The popular Pad Thai dish, like most Thai
entrees, comes in a variety of spice levels
based on personal preference.

Sala Thai: With locations in Detroit, Sterling Heights and Shelby Township, Sala Thai has many options for spicy food lovers. But a common misconception about Thai food is that it is inherently spicy. In reality, most dishes are made-to-order based on your personal spice scale choice. So whether you like a plain or mild taste, or if you’re one to request the off-the-menu ghost peppers, Sala Thai will certainly satisfy your spice craving.

La Feria: Michigan's only authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant is located in heart of Midtown Detroit at La Feria. Manager Elias recommends the patatas bravas as a hot item. These fried potato slices are paired with spicy tomato salsa and garlic aioli for the perfect combination of flavor and spice. Also keep an eye out for seasonal specials as well as the popular paella Tuesdays. La Feria also features a wide selection of Spanish wines, beer, specialty cocktails and coffees.
Mercury Burger Bar: While burgers may not be the first to come to mind for spicy food options, Mercury Burger Bar has plenty of picks for guests looking for a little heat. The popular southwest burger is topped with a chorizo slider, jalapeños, munster cheese, tortilla strips, avocado and zanahorias (pickled spiced carrots). Or try the Topor topped with Corktown’s own Hungarian hot peppers. Spicy extras like hot mustard, chipotle mayo and Honeybee salsa can be added to any burger selection upon request.

SpicyFood MercuryBurger AngelaHernandez
The southwest burger at Mercury
Burger Bar packs a punch with
toppings like chorizo, jalapenos
and pickled spiced carrots.

These are just a few ideas of the ways to spice up dinner tonight. But in the words of the great foodie Mr. Joe Hakim of the Hungry Dudes, “anything can be spicy with enough Sriracha.”


What’s your favorite place to spice things up in Detroit? Which entrees pack the most heat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


By: Angela Hernandez

Photo Credit: Angela Hernandez (La Feria, Mercury Burger Bar), Sala Thai (Sala Thai)