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Show Off Your Detroit Dogs

We already gave you some ideas to celebrate National Dog Day, but that's just not enough for this important holiday – now we want to see your Detroit Dogs. Show off your pup's pride for America's great comeback city by submitting your photos using #DepictTheD.

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PureMichigan DowntownDetroit1

We know you’ve all been waiting for it. The ever-popular Pure Michigan television advertisements are now featuring both downtown and metro Detroit, so that visitors planning a vacation can preview what we already know: The D is a destination with a ton to see and do — a destination that is Pure Michigan.

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Detroit makes national news when Google got a tip about the comeback city on the rise.


“Someone saw a story about how Detroit is up-and-coming with lots of things to do, so we ran with it." -Google spokeswoman Sierra Lovelace.

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Detroit, just like any other city, has its attractions that make it unique and pleasureable to visit. These attractions are what lure out-of-town visitors to explore a new scene. Sometimes, when you live and work in a city, it can be diffult to view it as a visitor.

We took some metro-Detroit bloggers on a tour of the city and metro are they live in and showed them places they never knew existed or never had the time to visit. This wasn't really a vaction, but more of a stay-cation and chance to discover The D.

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Olgas wrap700

One of the greatest things about downtown is the variety of cuisine available at the many locally owned and uniquely Detroit dining establishments. However, some travelers take comfort knowing they have the option of grabbing a bite to eat at a chain with familiar menu options, food quality and value.



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