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GoodNews DS

We love Detroit, but we’re not the only ones; these stories from travel writers are five reasons Detroit is worth celebrating. And, as a bonus, we’ve added a Storify of memories from Detroit’s 313th birthday.

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Let’s hear it for our award-winning industry partners! The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) is pleased to announce that several of our members have recently earned awards and recognitions worth mentioning. We are honored to call you our partners — you make the DMCVB and The D proud! Congratulations to the following properties for their recognitions:

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AnnaScrippsConservatory DS

In the city of Detroit, many of the most famous places and spaces have ties to the individuals who helped to shape them.

But how often do we walk, bike or drive by a place in The D without stopping to think about why we call it what we do? Probably more often than we’d like to admit.

Here’s a look behind the names of four favorite Detroit institutions:

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ConvertedSpaces Rivard Plaza

In a city with this much history, it’s no surprise that many of Detroit’s most popular places and spaces have taken on several forms of life throughout their existence.

Despite media reports that focus on blight and abandonment, Detroit is full of passionate entrepreneurs, developers and just plain go-getters who are committed to making the most of Detroit’s past, present and future spaces. From outdoors to dining-out and more, here’s a snapshot of some cool converted spaces in Detroit:

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With warm weather comes boating, fishing and just plain old fun in the sun. The only question you have to ask is, “Where should we spend this beautiful day?” The answer? The Nautical Mile.

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