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Show Off Your Detroit Dogs

We already gave you some ideas to celebrate National Dog Day, but that's just not enough for this important holiday – now we want to see your Detroit Dogs. Show off your pup's pride for America's great comeback city by submitting your photos using #DepictTheD.

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Downtown Detroit Drone

The story of Detroit: It's is a page-turner, a nail-biter, a best seller. And the final chapter of this epic tale is yet to be written. Sure, we've had more than our share of challenges, but as we learned in writing class, conflict and resolution are the cornerstones of good storytelling – just like the people behind the comeback are Detroit's cornerstones.

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Driving America  The Henry Ford

Asking car buffs to pick their favorite collector vehicle is like asking them to choose between their children: It's virtually impossible because they love them all for different reasons.

Here in the Motor City, you can check out all of your favorites at a number of car museums — and even one of the world's largest automotive special events. Below are seven places to get your muscle and classic car fix. Enjoy the ride!

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African World Festival blog

Spend a summer in metro Detroit and you'll feel you've traveled the globe. This summer's roster of metro Detroit cultural festivals and events prove the strong traditions of our history live on – in food, music, handmade crafts, artwork and dance. From pierogi or meatball eating competitions to musical performances from local and national legends, plan your ultimate staycation now. No passport required.

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Top 10 Detroit 10

Here at Visit Detroit, we're crazy for top 10 lists. So just in case you missed them the first time around, we're offering a repeat of some of our enduring favorites. Peruse all 10 of these top 10 lists and you'll be well versed on The D.

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