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Detroit is at it again – this time showing off its vibrant food scene. The D was named one of six unexpected cities for the food lover by National Geographic, claiming the title for the North American category.

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The Peterboro

Tucked inside Detroit's revived Midtown neighborhood lies evidence of the city's past. If the city's restaurant owners and hospitality elite have any say what was once Detroit's Chinatown has risen again. From fresh sushi to spicy Thai flavors, comforting dishes of pho and culinary masters taking on classic dishes in new ways, the dining options in and around Detroit are bursting with invention. If one bowl of noodles is never enough, these are the places you must try:

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TAP MGMGrand Det700
Bowl game season is upon us, and maybe it's the only thing saving you from the tears of another too-quick college football season come and gone. Whether your team went out on a high note or a low note, there are still a handful of post-season matchups left to catch (or avoid). Here are our picks for the best sports bars in Detroit with big TVs, plenty of choices on tap and great snacks to eat while you watch. Call ahead to see which game they'll be showing — or just sweet-talk the wait staff into turning on your preferred channel.

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Detroit10 ComfortFood


December is no time to start a diet — save that for January's New Year's resolution! Instead, spend this month checking out local restaurants and devouring the delicious comfort foods they have to offer.

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Rock City Eatery

If you've been keeping a list of buzzy new Detroit restaurants to try out, it's probably getting longer every week. The last few years have seen an explosion of metro Detroit dining options, from laid-back breakfast to comfort food and craft cocktails. Whatever your tastes or budgets, you'll find something to suit your appetite.

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