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Detroit’s Unique Nightlife: Featherbowling at Cadieux Café

Posted on Wednesday, July 25 2012 in Nightlife

Featherbowling Cadieux-Cafe Detroit

Cadieux Café near Detroit’s East English Village neighborhood is home to one of the most unique sports in the Motor City: Featherbowling. This classic Belgian bar houses the only featherbowling lanes in the United States, and is a favorite hangout for Detroit’s Belgian community, tourists, young Detroiters and beer enthusiasts...

 ... not to mention celebrities and popular publications like Anthony Bourdain who featured Cadieux Café on No Reservations or ESPN Magazine's Believe in Featherbowling

Featherbowling, according to the Cadieux Café, “Originally was a Belgian pastime akin to horseshoes and Bocci. These games have many similarities amongst them. Though little is known about the exact origin of the game, it is probable that the resemblance of the balls to wheels of cheese is no mistake.”

Cadieux Café honors the classic sport and Belgian culture with steamed mussels and a large selection of beers from Belgium. And like only Detroit can, this bar brings the old world and the new world together, mixing the classic, even eccentric sport with lively nightlife.

For adventurous Detroiters looking to try something new and capture a taste of the old country, the courts at Cadieux Café do not disappoint, with weathered equipment and old photos of champion featherbowlers lining the wall. The Michigan Traditional Arts Program awarded the Cadieux Café the Michigan Heritage Award for continuing family and community cultural traditions with excellence and authenticity.

If you want to experience Belgian tradition in Detroit, Cadieux Café is located at 4300 Cadieux Road. Call ahead for lane reservations at 313-882-8560.